Our Senior Consultants

Derivatives expert and former senior banker experienced in derivatives (interest rate, equity, credit and commodity) and foreign exchange..

In a 40-year career in derivatives, banking and consulting, this senior banker founded derivatives businesses of several global banks and managed large derivatives businesses and portfolios. His broad knowledge of capital markets, credit derivatives and bank lending, fixed income derivatives sales and trading, structured finance, foreign exchange, hedge funds, commodities and treasury has made him uniquely qualified to advise clients in these areas.

Working for clients who are investors, borrowers and swap counterparties, his advice has enabled:

  • An interest rate swap counterparty to save $9 million by reducing the settlement for ISDA early termination costs to a small fraction of the lending bank’s original claim;
  • A major bank to successfully defend itself against client claims that the bank misrepresented the risks of complex foreign currency forwards with embedded options, large losses on which contributed to the client company’s going out of business;
  • A high net worth individual to recover $3 million in losses arising from erroneous margin requirements conveyed by the broker on long-term equity options;
  • An institutional investor to win an arbitration proceeding for losses of $10 million from collapse of a hedge fund holding structured notes on mortgage-backed securities with embedded interest rate options;
  • A family investment trust to recover $1 million in losses from - and avoid further exposure to - structured notes with unsuitable embedded equity options and hedge-fund-like long/short commodity indices; and
  • A borrower of synthetic fixed rate funds to apply credit derivative indices to reduce swap early termination cost calculations.